Contradiction Studies

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed systemic problems in the global health system. It revealed that the global health system perpetuates global health inequalities rather than effectively reducing them: The international community, particularly the countries of the Global North, failed to make COVID-19 vaccines widely available to the populations of the world’s poorest countries. This blog debate takes stock of the reform debate about a just and decolonizing transformation of the health system. Bringing together scholars from various disciplines, the contributions of this debate ask what a fair global health system could look like and what role the law plays in it.


DEBATE: The World Health System After the Pandemic: Towards Equity and Decolonization?

DOI: 10.59704/6aede02d2c17cb85

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anhaltendes Widersprechen

„Die Geschichte der abendländischen Philosophie lässt sich verstehen als ein anhaltendes Widersprechen und als eine anhaltende Auseinandersetzung mit Widersprüchen.“

Norman Sieroka
Illusion einer Einheit

»Foucault spricht vom Widerspruch als die Illusion einer Einheit

Ingo H. Warnke

»Zunächst dachte ich, Widerspruch ist immer eine relationale Sache; je mehr ich aber darüber nachdenke, um so eher meine ich, Widerspruch ist relationierend.«

Ingo H. Warnke
Afterlife of colonialism

“Contradiction comes in many different forms. None is so debilitating than when the coloniser transitions, textually not politically, to decoloniality without taking the responsibility for the afterlife of colonialism, which they continue to benefit from. Self-examination and self-interrogation of the relations of coloniality, a necessity, seem nearly impossible for the coloniser who continues to act as beneficiary, masked in the new-found language of White fragility, devoid of an ethical responsibility of the very system of White domination they claim to be against.” (Black Consciousness and the Politics of the Flesh)

Rozena Maart
Widerspruch benennen

»Widerspruch wird da real, wo jemand Widerspruch benennt.«

Ingo H. Warnke