Cover Decolonial mourning an the caring commons

Decolonial Mourning and the Caring Commons

Prof. Encarnatión Gutiérrez Rodriguez (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main)

06/29/2024 10:00 am 1:00 pm

U Bremen GRA2 0030

Workshop based on Professor Gutiérrez Rodriguez latest publication Decolonial Mourning and the Caring Commons

External Participants please register via E-Mail.

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“Contradictions are an important driver of scientific practice and knowledge.”

Norman Sieroka
ideal of a contradiction-free world

“Science has long been animated by the ideal of a contradiction-free world in which logical orders could merge with society, politics, culture and language. In the GRC Contradiction Studies we are working on ways of describing the multiplicity and complexity, the danger and beauty of our worlds that clearly go beyond concepts of freedom from contradiction.”

Michi Knecht
decolonial scholarship

“Creating decentralizing and decolonizing scholarship on contradiction, contradictory phenomena, and contradicting processes is a challenging task.”

Kerstin Knopf
sustained engagement

“The history of Western philosophy can be understood as a sustained engagement with contradiction.”

Norman Sieroka
idea of democratic critique

“If you think that acts of contradicting someone always need to point to better solutions, you haven’t really understood the idea of democratic critique.”

Martin Nonhoff