DFG Research Training Group 2686: Contradiction Studies
University of Bremen, „Worlds of Contradiction“
Grazer Straße 2, 28359 Bremen

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    power and resistance

    “Michel Foucault says: “Where there is power, there is resistance, and […] this resistance is never in a position of exteriority in relation to power” (History of Sexuality I, The Will to Knowledge, 1976, p. 95)”

    Gisela Febel
    problem to be solved

    “Contradiction is not primarily a problem to be solved but a motor we cannot do without.”

    Martin Nonhoff

    “The contradiction of law in Derrida lies in the interstice that separates the impossibility of deconstructing justice from the possibility of deconstructing law.”

    Andreas Fischer-Lescano

    “The city is a laboratory not only of modernity, but also of contradiction.”

    Julia Lossau

    “Geography as a discipline stands for a certain worlding, if not earthing, of contradiction, in both theoretical and pracitcal respect.”

    Julia Lossau