Negotiations of the Self in Muslim Online Magazines

05/23/2023 4:15 pm 5:45 pm

U Bremen GW1 A 0150 & online

Rosa Lütge


Fellow: Eva Arnaszus

Guest: Dr. Carmen Becker | Institut für Religionswissenschaft | Universität Hannover

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name contradiction

“Contradiction becomes real where someone names contradiction.”

Ingo H. Warnke

“The contradiction of law in Derrida lies in the interstice that separates the impossibility of deconstructing justice from the possibility of deconstructing law.”

Andreas Fischer-Lescano

“Contradictions need to be articulated in order to exist.”

Martin Nonhoff
l’illusion d’une unité

“Foucault speaks of contradiction as l’illusion d’une unité.”

Ingo H. Warnke
sustained engagement

“The history of Western philosophy can be understood as a sustained engagement with contradiction.”

Norman Sieroka