Contradiction Studies

Insights into the Work of U Bremen Contradiction Studies

Prof. Ingo H. Warnke (RTG Contradiction Studies) & Lara Herford

06/24/2023 2:00 pm 3:30 pm

TU Dresden

DeMarg 5 International Conference »Tracing Forms of De/Marginalization« – Research Window: Insights into Current DeMarg-relevant Projects

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“According to Niklas Luhmann, space is a ‘special facility to negate contradictions’”.

Julia Lossau

“At first I thought contradiction was always a relational thing; but the more I ponder it, the more I think contradiction creates relation.”

Ingo H. Warnke
decolonial scholarship

“Creating decentralizing and decolonizing scholarship on contradiction, contradictory phenomena, and contradicting processes is a challenging task.”

Kerstin Knopf
name contradiction

“Contradiction becomes real where someone names contradiction.”

Ingo H. Warnke

“The city is a laboratory not only of modernity, but also of contradiction.”

Julia Lossau