Portraitfoto Rosa Lütge

Rosa Lütge

Negotiations of the Self in Muslim Online Platforms

The project focuses on Muslim online platforms that create a space for exchange about lifestyle, empowerment and inspiration. The target group of these platforms are mostly young Muslims all over the world, but mainly in the USA and Europe and they refer to different issues such as parenthood, travel, beauty, fitness and self-care but also questions of Muslim communities, the religiosity of the individual, discrimination and marginalization. The aim of the research project is to examine the representations of the self and the intersectional negotiations of religion, emotions, gender but also subversions that emerge in Muslim online platforms. What discursive entanglements emerge? In what ways does resistance to hegemonic discourses and stereotypical portrayals take place? What is the effect of discourses surrounding, for example, the handling of emotions, and what role does religion play?

Research interests
  • Social Inequality
  • Gender Studies
  • Discourses around Islam in Europe
  • Qualitative research
  • since 2019
    research assistant, Insititute for the Studies of Religion and related Didactics, University of Bremen.
  • since 2016
    freelancer in civic education (e.g. on anti-discrimination, right-wing extremism, hate speech).
  • 2015 – 2019
    M.A. Sociology, Goethe University, Frankfurt.
  • 2015
    European Voluntary Service, East and West Center, Amman.
  • 2010 – 2014
    B.A. in Sociology and Arabistic/Studies of Islam, Georg August University, Göttingen.
Talks, Workshops, and Events
  • 2018
    Exhibition and foto project with Youths on Muslim self-representation You see something that is not me – Pictures of Oneself! at the University of Frankfurt.
idea of democratic critique

“If you think that acts of contradicting someone always need to point to better solutions, you haven’t really understood the idea of democratic critique.”

Martin Nonhoff
ideal of a contradiction-free world

“Science has long been animated by the ideal of a contradiction-free world in which logical orders could merge with society, politics, culture and language. In the GRC Contradiction Studies we are working on ways of describing the multiplicity and complexity, the danger and beauty of our worlds that clearly go beyond concepts of freedom from contradiction.”

Michi Knecht

“Contradictions need to be articulated in order to exist.”

Martin Nonhoff
prison of difference

“‘Contradiction is the prison of difference‘ writes the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Worlds of Contradiction asks: how can we explain and describe the world without making it more coherent and systematic than it is?”

Michi Knecht
diversity and plurality

“Join us to create more diversity and plurality in knowledge production.”

Gisela Febel