Textuality of Contradiction

Gisela Febel (RTG Contradiction Studies)& Elisabeth Lienert (RTG Contradiction Studies)

07/14/2022 4:15 pm 5:30 pm

U Bremen GRA 2 0030

Contradiction Studies und literaturwissenschaftliche Mediävistik | Contradiction and Medieval Literary Studies (Vortrag Elisabeth Lienert)

Poetische Ambiguitäten und Rhetorik des Widerspruchs | Poetic Ambiguities and Rhetorics of Contradiction (close readings with Gisela Febel)

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“The basis of law is not an idea as a systematic unified principle but a paradox.”

Andreas Fischer-Lescano
sustained engagement

“The history of Western philosophy can be understood as a sustained engagement with contradiction.”

Norman Sieroka

“Resistance is a democratic right, sometimes a duty. With literature we can find models for this right and think about its limits.”

Gisela Febel
hierarchy of norms

“If social contradictions are reflected in law, law cannot form a hierarchy of norms free of contradictions.”

Andreas Fischer-Lescano
ideal of a contradiction-free world

“Science has long been animated by the ideal of a contradiction-free world in which logical orders could merge with society, politics, culture and language. In the GRC Contradiction Studies we are working on ways of describing the multiplicity and complexity, the danger and beauty of our worlds that clearly go beyond concepts of freedom from contradiction.”

Michi Knecht