Contradiction Studies

Globale Ummah? – Zugehörigkeit und Grenzziehungen in muslimischen Online-Magazinen

Rosa Lütge (RTG Contradiction Studies)

10/12/2023 Kein Enddatum 2:45 pm 3:15 pm

U Bremen C 4180 (Sportturm)

Kickoff-Workshop of the WoC-Lab “Religion glokal”

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sustained engagement

“The history of Western philosophy can be understood as a sustained engagement with contradiction.”

Norman Sieroka
every day

“Living in contradictions is what we experience every day. Why do we know so little about it?”

Gisela Febel

“Resistance is a democratic right, sometimes a duty. With literature we can find models for this right and think about its limits.”

Gisela Febel
prison of difference

“‘Contradiction is the prison of difference‘ writes the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Worlds of Contradiction asks: how can we explain and describe the world without making it more coherent and systematic than it is?”

Michi Knecht
name contradiction

“Contradiction becomes real where someone names contradiction.”

Ingo H. Warnke